carbon Trust

We are Menzies Distribution, a wholesale distributor of Newspapers and Magazines in the UK. Each day, in the early hours of the morning, we deliver around 7 Million copies of these products to our 29,000 customers across the country.

Our industry is just one strand of a logistics sector which performs a vital function - ensuring that essential products like food, clothes, and electrical items are available throughout the UK. Performing this function however, comes at an environmental cost, in the shape of carbon emissions.

This environmental cost is not something we are prepared to accept. That's why we and others within the logistics sector are finding ways of performing the same functions, without the same damaging effects. We've designed this site - Enviromenzies - to tell the story of our efforts. In telling it we hope to show you something of the world's environmental problems, the part our business plays in them, what we're doing to make up for it, and what you can do to help.

Hi, I'm Morty

This is Morty, Menzies ‘Green Conscience' and your guide to the site. Run your mouse over Morty at any time and he'll sum up the message of the page you're reading. There are also hidden nuggets of information in the animation bar - can you find them all?